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    Glass insulators

    The cap and pin type toughened glass insulator is one of the main products.In 1958,the first piece of toughened glass insulator has been created in Nanjing Ceramic Factory. Over more than 50 years there are billions pieces toughened glass insulators brand LD had been put into operation on 30-1000kv transmission lines, andmore than 2.5 million pieces abroad.At present, 20 million pieces of high tonnage glass insulator which produced by imported production line have been used at home and abroad on 500500~1000kV lines. We achievedbreakthrough in UHV transmission lines and filled the blank of this product for HVDC project in china. 10 + 800kV lines, 6 1000kV lines share 2 million 600 thousand pieces of glass which become the best in the industry and the world.


    Composite insulator

    Composite insulator is made up of ,with its advantages such as small in size、light weight、convenient to maintain and fouling. We can supply a complete products such as :10-1000kV(40-600kN) AC Suspension composite insulator; ±1100kV(120kN~1000kN) DC composite insulator; 330 kV wind-resistance composite insulator ; Ground composite insulator ; Railway rod type composite insulator.


    HV bushing

    HV Bushing is the current carrying and insulating equipment component, of which high-tension line through the wall, facility shell, connection between facility and facility earthing in the power system. Its application is very extensive. According to the usage, it is classified as Wall Bushing, Transformer Bushing, GIS Lead-out Bushing,Oil/Oil bushing that connecting transformer and oil-filled equipment, Oil/SF6 bushing that connecting transformer and GIS.At present, our products cover all categories. According to the capacitive main insulation, It is classified as OIP Capacitor Bushing,RIP Capacitor Bushing,RIP Bushing,GFRP Dry-type Bushing and RIF Bushing.


    High voltage transformer

    The company has advanced production, testing equipment complete, China's most advanced environmental protection two levels of premixed closed double tank vacuum epoxy pouring equipment, fully enclosed vacuum epoxy pressure gel mixing equipment and auxiliary equipment, pressure gel with high pressure oil immersed transformer production history and experience We contribute to national power construction and main projects more and more.


    High tension insulator

    Nanjing electric (Group) Co., Ltd. high-voltage electric porcelain factory produced lightning brand high voltage pillar insulators have a long history, the product structure is reasonable. Adopt high strength material square, advanced technology, quality conforms to national standard, GB8287.1-2008 nominal voltage is higher than 1000V system users and outdoor insulators...