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    Company overview

    Nanjing Electric,the first high-voltage electric porcelain factory in the history of electrical equipment industry in China. It was founded in 1936 and is the headquarters of Baiyun Electric Group in East china. We have three research centers including: Glass Insulator Engineering Technical Research Center of Mechanical Industry, High-voltage Insulator Engineering Technical Research Center of Jiangsu Province, National Laboratory (Inspection Center). In recent years, we are honored as Advanced Collective of National Mechanical Industry, Modern Enterprise in Mechanical Industry, two times winning the China Special Progress Award in Mechanical Industry, listed in the Top 500 enterprises of Chinese Mechanical Company.

    In order to accelerate the industrial development, satisfy the need of electric power construction, especially constructions of extra-high voltage and smart power grid, we bought land more than 500 units of area in national economic and technical development zone. According to the Industrial position “Domestic advanced company, World-class enterprise”, we built the Nanjing Electric Technical Park. At present, first phrase construction areas are 190 thousand square meters and up and running in 2015. The park equipped with the most advanced equipment domestic and overseas, all production lines take the leading place all around the world. Nanjing Electrical Testing Center, as one of the most equipped, owes the highest voltage lab among the whole industry, certificated the CNAS by National Laboratory.

    As the eastern China headquarter of BPG, Nanjing Electric now owns several subsidiary corporations: Nanjing Electric(Group)Co.,Ltd,Nanjing Electric Technology Co., Ltd、Nanjing Electric Insulator Co.,Ltd、Nanjing Electric HV Bushing Co.,Ltd、Nanjing Electric HV transformer Co.,Ltd、Nanjing electric (Jiangxi) electric porcelain Co., Ltd. In terms of products, we have toughened glass insulators, composite insulators, porcelain insulators, high voltage bushings(Try type and oil type), current transformers and high voltage disconnectors. Our products have a complete range of voltage level, main products have already been used in projects domestic and overseas, sales volume stays high and sells abroad. At the same time, we reinforce independent research and development to fulfill the need of national power projects. We are working with research institutions, developing new products, mastering the core technology and owning the entire IP, filling in many technical gaps of this industry.

    Along with practice of the political strategy “the Belt and Road”, constructions of extra-high voltage projects and the growth of distribution net investment, we devote to construct the R&D base of high quality insulator, high voltage electrics appliances and related products, to make new and greater contributions to national power construction and economic development!